90 Day Path For Executive & Life Coach To $100k+, Using Power Player's Social Outreach High Ticket Client Lead Generation

Power Player offers 98% hands-free targeting and follow up of quality high ticket coaching and consulting prospects - booked directly into your calendar via your professional LinkedIn account.


Read on for the exciting success story of just one of many of our clients


Setup for clients typically takes up to a week, but within JUST TWO WEEKS of commencing LinkedIn outreach and lead generation on her behalf, our Executive & Life Coach client Kristin, had closed 100% of her discovery calls, totaling $20,000.


“There’s nothing worse than feeling like every month you have to hustle.” ~Kristin Taylor


Our first goal was first to increase her coaching fees from $500/mo to be commensurate with the value she provides, which is to “help clients successfully manage anxiety, self-doubt and imposter syndrome” in the corporate world. Second, as Kristin said:

“Once they say they need this, they either commit or they don’t. I don’t want to have to chase people to help them”.


This required hyper-targeting from us, compelling tailored messaging and most important, appropriate positioning and pre-framing in attracting prospects to her discovery calls so as to limit the amount of ‘work’ required on discovery calls.

After a discussion about value-based pricing Kristin happily agreed to increase the investment clients made in working with her in order to offer comprehensive support, we then crafted the copy, set about split-testing campaign options, and Kristin was on her way.


Of her first four discovery calls, Kristin closed two clients at $5,000 eaanother within days at $2,000, followed by a professional couple signing up a week later for an $8,000 package (renewing several months later).


That’s $20,000+ secured in the very first few weeks of her initial investment with Power Player, with recurring monthly commitments to follow.


Not a bad first few weeks by any measure, but the story doesn’t end there…


“At the time, I was looking for a life coach who could help me figure out some things between career and family. I was impressed by Kristin’s message on LinkedIn on what she offered and specialized in. It felt genuine and was not a canned response. After the free 1-hour consultation, I cancelled the rest of my other potential coaches.” ~ Johnny P.

Through the natural, personal and organic copy specifically crafted by Hailey and Paul and the Power Player team, aimed at remaining true to Kristin’s own authentic voice, our connection requests and messaging outreach continuing, Kristin took more calls with high quality coaching prospects…

Within the FOLLOWING MONTH, in addition to booking fresh weekly discovery calls, Kristin also forged larger industry opportunities for herself with brand new colleagues, signing onto such roles as:


✅ Part-time in-house coach for a tech startup at an annual retainer of $80,000.


✅ Official mindfulness coach for startup providing wellness solutions to corporations at <$25,000 per client package.


✅ Mental wellness content contributor on mindfulness app (on rev-share basis)


Early in Kristin’s THIRD MONTH, Power Player’s outreach yielded six more discovery calls, from which three new clients signed up for between $5,000 and $6,000 coaching packages, two more have made verbal commitments to commence at the same level within weeks, with another corporate connection organizing an executive retreat in early 2022, offering $30,000 for four days of work.


Kristin is understandably excited by the prospect of these "promising, but yet to be materialized" opportunities as much as she is with the $100,000+ secured in her first few months with Power Player generating high quality leads on her behalf.

Power Player’s goal is to partner with high ticket coaches and consultants who are changing the world with their work. Our daily obsession is to optimize your audience targeting, craft compelling messaging that is personal, engaging and in your own voice, and help grow your influence, authority and reach. Hands-free.


Just because you aren’t prospecting 100% on your own, you can still be getting the same results. When they are hot enough to want a chat, that’s when you step in and take the call.

Unlike other digital marketing outfits offering everything including the kitchen sink, Power Player offers a personal, hands-on approach, where we obsess over making your dream client acquisition process 98% hands-free, so that you can focus on changing the world through your work with those dream clients.


Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you, our support even extends to advice and additional training to ensure your site looks great, your funnel flows and you close the calls you’re booking.


It makes sense...


If you succeed, we succeed.


Our outreach and lead generation process for you looks like this:


✅. Review and hone your LinkedIn profile, messaging and offer for maximum investment-to-value ratio.


✅. Conduct dream client targeting research, then craft natural, compelling messaging and copy that perfectly suits your professional but conversational style.


✅. Send all connection requests and messages, with inbox management.


✅. Field the responses and manually appointment set prospects into your calendar.

Salient features of Power Player’s LinkedIn lead generation service:


✅ Hands-free, without losing the personal touch in your outreach


✅ Massive time savings (easily save 20+ hrs per week)


✅ Targeted and pre-qualified calls booked direct to your calendar


✅ Natural, conversational, and in your voice


✅ Fast turnaround and easy to pivot messaging quickly (ie: within 3-5 days)


Check out what Kristin has to say about the best aspects of our Done-For-You service (click the image below to watch on YouTube):

If Done-For-You LinkedIn lead generation sounds like something you could use (or Facebook and Instagram too...), book yourself a CALL with the Power Player team, answer a few quick questions about your business and then let’s get down to seeing if we’ll be a good fit for each other. 

“Working with Hailey and Paul has totally transformed what I charge and my confidence. I am talking to high quality prospects, that I otherwise NEVER would have had the opportunity to meet. Thank you, Paul and Hailey!” ~Kristin T.

Check out even more 🔥 client wins 🔥 here and let's talk very soon!


Hailey Rowe & Paul Barry

Power Player